MultiPairs 2004 Test for Windows 10


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The MultiPairs służydo and store the results of the analysis draws Multi Lotek. This application allows you to perform the analyzes held raffles, giving you the opportunity to choose the optimal number to be deleted. In the trial by disabled the ability to download statistics from the internet. Table of analysis in the program: * Analysis of individual instances of numbers * Analysis of instances pairs of numbers * Analysis of instances of triplets of numbers * lot * Map Similar distributions of numbers * Sorting single number * Sort pairs of numbers * Sort triples of numbers * The numbers in the system 3-skreśleniowego * Bet * Testing their own sets of numbers * Testing sweepstakes * Finding the best method of typing numbers * Trends prevalence figures * Trends occurrence sets of numbers * Analysis * Analysis of fours numbers Friday numbers * Pyramid of any amount of numbers * Analysis of 6-Friday, 7s and even 10's * Sorting sets of numbers * The numbers falling on other numbers * Group figures at x draws * Gaps in the presence of numbers * Create systems * Testing costs play * Calculators * Draw * Your Bet